The Magnificent Mango

What surprised me most from the research I have done for this blog on mangoes is their huge popularity; more mangoes are consumed worldwide than apples. Why would this surprise me, when I adore them, their beautiful, golden, soft flesh with its tantalizing fragrance are without doubt my absolute favourite fruit. The surprise isn’t about their popularity upon trying them but the difficulty perceived in peeling them, who on earth wants to spend 10 minutes wrestling with this awkward to hold and slippery fellow, while grasping a sharp knife in the other hand.  Clearly lots of you know how to peel a mango and are enjoying this beautiful fruit , but just in case  we have  posted a video demonstrating the simplest way (in our opinion) to peel a mango on Facebook – check it out.

Mango trees can grow to 65 feet and produce shiny pointed leaves.   This beautiful tree can take up to six years to yield any fruit after being planted, but then it can amazingly continue to bear fruit for up to 300 years...

 Hindu folklore and legend speaks of many tales of the mango tree, this one really made me smile.

Sage Narada gives a mango to Shiva and Parvati . They decide to reward the mango to whichever of their sons can circumambulate the universe three times. While their son Kartik is flying around the universe on his peacock , little Ganesha the elephant God simply waddles three times around his parents , recognizing the entire universe resides within the divine couple , thus winning the mango !

Mangoes are not only delicious but are a good source of vitamin B, A, C, K and E all of which help boost immunity.

We include mangoes in many of our luxury fruit baskets and buy the tree ripened varieties wherever possible as although a more expensive fruit they are far superior in flavour.  On buying a box of these we sometimes have one or two that are just too ripe to send out on our next day delivery service, so I have to take them home and enjoy them, it is a tough job being the quality controller at Luxury fruit baskets …


The Magnificent Mango