February is the best time to enjoy Citrus fruit

February is the best time to enjoy Citrus fruit

Which is your favourite ?

From the humble orange to the more exotic Kumquat, citrus fruit is at its best in the winter months, which is a wonderful example of Mother Nature doing her job as these fruits are packed with vitamin C and are at their sweetest and most plentiful during their natural season.

Here are our fab five favourites 

1 The Blood Orange or as it is more elegantly known the Blush Orange

These are at their sweetest in February, because of the dramatic drop in temperature during the cold winter nights that follow warm, Mediterranean winter days which turn the oranges a deliciously deep crimson red with vivid orange streaks, rather like our beautiful Norfolk sunsets.

  I love these in winter salads, their colours look fantastic with Radicchio and Spinach and their sweet juice packed with vitamin C elevates any salad dressing.


2 The Navel Orange

The Navel orange actually grows a twin opposite its stem! Whilst the second or twin fruit does not actually develop, the outside of the orange resembles a human navel – hence its name.

This large king of the citrus fruits is easy to peel and seedless, packed with flavour and so juicy it is not surprising they are considered one of the world’s best tasting oranges


3 Kumquats

Their name comes from the Cantonese word Kam Kwat , meaning ‘golden orange ‘ they are a are symbol of prosperity.  Although they look like miniature oval oranges, they have a sour citrus tang;   strangely the peel is the sweetest part of the Kumquat.

An excellent source of vitamin C they are also rich in fibre and water, making them a weightless friendly food.

4 Lemons

Did you know a Lemon tree can produce up to 600lbs of lemons a year and it produces fruit all year round?   Here are a few fun facts:

The British Navy requires all ships to carry enough lemons so that every sailor can have an ounce of juice a day.

Lemon juice is used to  prevent other fruits turning brown.

Lemon juice and hot water is good for a sore throat as it is antibacterial

And finally – Lemons were once so rare that kings used to present them to each other as gifts.

5 Nadorcott   - a little known cousin to the clementine

Nadorcott is a good quality, mid maturing Clementine –  a type of Mandarin with a depth of flavour and sweetness rivalling those early season Satsumas and Clementines.  As these hold their shape when peeled they are lovely in a fresh fruit salad.

We make the most of the seasons at Luxury Fruit Baskets , delighting in the wonderful and colourful produce that arrives fresh at our shop every day . One of these season's  favourite fruit baskets is the Citrus fruit and orange chocolate basket , very popular as a get well or thank you gift . The size is perfect for a locker, desk or coffee table and has plenty of fruit for one or 2 people to share.


February is the best time to enjoy Citrus fruit