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The Magnificent Mango

Published on: Mar 06

What surprised me most from the research I have done for this blog on mangoes is their huge popularity; more mangoes are consumed worldwide than apples.

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February is the best time to enjoy Citrus fruit

Published on: Feb 01

From the humble orange to the more exotic Kumquat, citrus fruit is at its best in the winter months, which is a wonderful example of Mother Nature doing her job

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The Best Way to Thank your Staff and Customers in January.

Published on: Dec 28

January is a really busy time as many of our corporate clients see the New Year as the perfect opportunity to reward staff and wish customers a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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The team preparing for Christmas at Starlings.

Published on: Dec 01

The ski pants have been dug out of hibernation, thermals lifted from their hiding place in the airing cupboard and the oil filled radiator wheeled out and switched on!  Our Christmas spirit is on!

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Once upon a time... The story of the Christmas Orange

Published on: Nov 01

Clementines, satsumas, Navel oranges, mistletoe, fabulous juicy comice pears and of course sprouts. These remind me of Christmas at Starlings... growing up Christmas was an incredibly busy time

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